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We were seated far, far away from our friends at the Depeche Mode concert (the sound was atrocious where we were seated, so I can’t honestly say if it was a ‘good’ concert, though it seemed pretty rockin’ down on the ground) this tuesday, and as we idled away, waiting for the old geezers to take the stage, we spent the time messaging each other, trying to get a visual in-amongst the thousands of people, because… Well, there wasn’t a lot else to do.

It struck me next day, that all we had to do was use Google Maps in our phones to send our locations to each other, and we would have saved ourselves the trouble. It wouldn’t have whiled away the time, but it would’ve been cool.

Consider; no more walking around searching for someone at the beach, in the park, at the concert, at that back-alley café, downtown club. They send you their location, bingo. Map, compass and directions always at the ready. It didn’t hit me until just then, but that’s a pretty wicked application of everyday information-age tech.

Update: Mr. Maber let me know that there even exists an app which makes it exceedingly easy to send your location in this manner.