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I Wish I Was Made of Powder

We’re about 30 people who’re going to play some hardball for a few hours today. Good news is, I’m really looking forward to it; it’s been years since I last played. Bad news is, it is pissing down. Literally; pissing.

And the ugly news? It’s only going to get worse according to the weather report. Much, much worse.

Luckily, as my lieutenant in the infantry used to say: “Good think you’re not made of powder Heilemann”.

Semper Fi motherfuckers! AARRGGHHHhhhhh <machinegunfire.mp3> <adagio.mp3>

Update: Alright, I’m back. Had great fun with the shooting (haul up in a tower with a liter of 6mm bb’s and a fully automatic rifle is fuuuun). But I learned another important lesson as well, namely that the mind is incapable of comprehending how close death might have been.


So there we were, dandily cruising along on the highway at 80kmph, and it is raining! Really! And we’re cruising for about 30 minutes or so before we take our turn and head down some of the sideways to get to the hardball place (out smack dab in the middle of nowhere!), when suddenly, when we’re down to 5-10kmph, one of those ‘uh oh, what the fuck was that?!’-sounds makes us all furrow our brows and look inquisitively at each other (the ‘did you just fart, and did that fart sound like heavy machinery breaking?’-look).

Turns out, the front part of the suspension just went and done got itself busted.

Just like that.

10 minutes after we left the highway and torrential weather.

Let’s never mention it again :)