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I'm not dead. Seriously.

Holy Jesus Christ on a pogostick. I can’t wait to get 4 online and get this ugly and by now rotten and slightly soggy and sorry looking code-mess out of my face. Now if only I could stop time.

So I’m not answering your mail just now, because I have a lot of work (the kind I’m paid for) I need to do, and between sleeping, an hour with Rikke each night and the bus ride to and from work, there isn’t a lot of time left.

I’m also not writing any interesting things just now, for the same reason. That, and whatever time I do have left over, I spend on playing around with 4. Far from being a ‘revolution’, it’ll be more of an effort in making BB feel homey again, and in alleviating the fundamental problems that the current design has in structuring the site and the information on it.

In other words: Don’t expect too much ;)

Meanwhile, I’ll change the header and colors around so as to not tire too much of them. Don’t let this confuse you, 4 isn’t done until you see Freya once again gracing the header.