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Indy 4 Shot Digitally? Really?

According to the Indiana Jones Wiki, Indy 4 is being shot digitally! This might not mean a whole lot to you, but Spielberg is like the highcastle of shooting his films on just that; film! He has vowed many a time to never exchange his dear Moviola with an Avid system, take a look at the Spielberg documentary I linked to earlier today for an example (near the end).

They might print to 35mm, cut it old-school and do the assembly from the digital master. That seems like a round about way to do it, but for some reason, I kinda hope that’s how they’ll do it.

Not that I worry too much about Indy, it should be a homerun no matter what, but if Spielberg granted Lucas his wish on shooting digitally, what about his promise to do as many of the effects on Indy 4 in-camera as possible?... One can only hope for the best.