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Initial Beowulf Thoughts

Let it be known that I am very unimpressed with the Beowulf trailer. Even if Gaiman feels its 2D presentation doesn’t do it justice, that hardly makes up for the dodgy facial animation, PS2-quality ocean and weird stilted horses.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very very well done, even the ‘dodgy animation’, but it is instantly recognizable as sub-reality, and thus lands itself square in uncanny valley.

I just don’t believe we have the technology to do this properly. Not yet.

And while I have a lot of faith in Zemeckis, he is one of my favorite directors in fact, this stab at the new 3D cinema that’s on the rise (thanks to Cameron, Lucas and Jackson I suppose), is so far not getting much hype in the Heilemann/Andersen household.

PS: Not to mention the horrible compression on, at least, the 720p trailer!

PPS: My opinion is more important than yours, since Beowulf takes place partly in Denmark, so there!

PPPS: I would love to see the Beowulf opera Elliot Goldenthal composed the music for; alas I only have a horrible bootleg of just the music, and I doubt it will be touring to Denmark any time soon; and if it does, I doubt I’ll be able to get tickets. Oh voe.

PPPPS: Crispin Glover being in this must mean the Back to the Future II rift has mellowed over the years… Glover is an odd fish…