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Inside Pixar

Inside Pixar

They aren’t riveting, but they probably interest some of you, I know they do me, so here is a bunch of photos from Inside Pixar.

Having spent monday cruising around Santa Monica and Beverly Hills (shopping at the Apple store and literally being dragged to Hooters for lunch, a quintessential American experience apparently), we were well spent that evening. Nonetheless we had to get up early in the morning to catch our flight to San Francisco. Destination: Emeryville, Pixar.

Amazingly, everything went as planned. We touched down a little ahead of time in Oakland Airport (what a dump!), and the Taxi had us there even faster than we had expected. So we took a stroll around Emeryville downtown (what a dump!) before finally going in to meet up with Rasmus’ ‘insider’, Paul.

Though we weren’t allowed to come into the production facilities themselves, nor take photos in the gallery sections (under punishment of death!), it was of course very inspirational to be able to visit the most well-loved animation facility in the world (not to mention something of a ‘medal’ in geek and moviebuff circles).

So you’re left with photos of the lobby area and the surrounding ‘campus’ (which has a football field, volleyball, basket, a swimming pool and an amphitheater). Which is too bad, since I really wanted to take some photos of the Incredibles art exhibit (of which I liked all, but in particular the maquettes; but you can see most of it on the DVD or in the art book anyway).

Great day, good lunch (Pizza); oh and nice to see San Francisco being a lot nicer than LA ;)