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Internet Explorer 7.0 Rocks!

Haha. No.

Poor horse. Everyone keeps beating it. It’s dead, and yet we keep on beating away. But what else can one do? Trying to get things done in Internet Explorer 7.0 is about as bad as it ever was. Worse, perhaps? Worse from the fact that after having supposedly rewritten the entire damn thing from the ground up, it still doesn’t read PNG’s properly, and a simple ‘min-width’ property can make your entire site disappear, for no apparent reason.

It’s a shit browser. Plain and simple. In fact, it’s more shit than it is browser.

It is like picking up very fine delicate china (a vase, not the country) with a full hard-on US Navy carrier group. It looks very impressive, but in the long run all you get is an international socio-political crisis, and no one claims responsibility.

Which reminds me, if you’re an IE expert and you want to do compatibility work on K2, by all means let me know!

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