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Dark Times for the Rebellion

Please welcome ‘Vader’, a K2-based ‘design’ (not that I want to inflate the word ‘design’, but ‘color palette’ is a bit weak, yes?), which will help me bring Binary Bonsai up to speed as well as test among other things the pages functionality in WordPress. Should you wish to see Freya, you can visit her in the detention area.

Vader will take a little time to properly settle, as I clean up some of the cruft from Freya. The most important change, apart from the colors I suppose, is how I am now using WordPress’ built-in Pages function, rather than static .php pages. It took some wrangling, and I’m still not entirely satisfied (I can’t tell a page to not show up in the menu, which really annoys me).

But the good thing is, now mostly everything is editable from the WordPress admin, and I no longer rely on images for the layout. Except of course for the header image, which by the way was done by Rasmus of E3 fame.

By the way, Vader is the first dark design in the history of Binary Bonsai designs, but not the first to bear a Star Wars theme.

Now to finish the Episode III review.

PS: Whatever errors there are, will most likely not be fixed until late tonight or tomorrow, as I have a previous engagement with some online RPG.

For some time in the future when I’ve changed the design again; this is how it looked:

Vader, June 2005