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Invader60 Commands Obedience

Dear reader, meet Invader60; Invader60 meet one of the people who will be using you. Great, now that we have that out of the way, allow me to explain to you what exactly is going on.

Invader60 is the 60% mark of Invader. You will no doubt have noticed that it is considerably slimmer than earlier versions of Invader, or indeed any layout previously seen on Binary Bonsai, which is actually quite contrary to what I had originally planned (which was a layout which would be considerably wider than anything before it).

The implementation is filled to the brim with bugs at the moment, but I’ll be hammering most of them out today; I just wanted to make sure I actually managed to publish this today instead of letting it slide.

There are quite a few ideas behind the way this new layout is structured, some are evident some aren’t quite as evident yet. Most importantly is the use of AJAX and fancy schmancy effects, all of which I’ll also want to talk more about as soon as it’s all working as it’s supposed to.

Order of business: Fix the currently slightly broken functionality, then order the content properly, then fix the styling.

Now if you’ll excuse me.

PS: Oh yeah, in the midst of all of this, I forgot to tell you that this is another Bachelor Weekend! :)