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Is a 100-hour video game ever worthwhile?

You can accomplish a lot in 100 hours. You could read War and Peace, for instance, then follow it up with Thus Spoke Zarathustra and a few starter courses in a new language. You could watch Melancholia 40 times and still have time to squeeze in a screening of Shoah. You could also drive from Los Angeles to New York and back again, or complete 20 weeks of training and then run a marathon. Or, if you preferred, you could also play through the video game Dark Souls from start to finish.

It's been many years since I last played a 100+ hour gameā€”it took me 33 hours to run through Mass Effect 3, and that got pretty old near the end. I'm not sure I quite get the lusting people have for games like Dark Souls or even the finally-to-be-released-soon Diablo 3. I'm not even arguing that it's meaningless; simply that it's boring...

Michael Heilemann