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iTunes Music Store Denmark LogoLet me see, Hell freeze over? Check. My hair growing back out? Check. Duke Nukem Forever released?... Okay, so it hasn’t come to that yet. Nevertheless, today is something to mark down in your calendar. It’s not everyday little buttercup Denmark gets to join the big boys. Our very own iTMS.

This is great of course, and I’m looking forward to finding something on there to buy. But for now I’m a tad underwhelmed to be quite honest. First of all, the browsing feature, which seems like the primary way of finding things, lists artists with whom the iTMS carries no material! Try digging into Audiobooks > Sci Fi & Fantasy > Aldous Huxley... Nothing. Okay, let’s try something else then. Go to the Disney genre (can you believe they got an entire genre for themselves!), and then just pick anything. About one in fifty will get you something, the rest are empty.

What. The. Fuck.

Moving right along, let’s have a look at Seal: The Acoustic Session. Read the Album Notes and then look at the track listing… Make sense? No, I didn’t think so. Furthermore, the US iTMS has a weekly free track available for download. What do we get? Nothin’.

Though we have of course been blessed with a single iMix by some idiot user; namely Blink-182: Greatest Hits 1994-2005. Which of course is an oxymoron; there is no such thing as a great hit by Blink 182.

A final insult? Alrighty then:

A bit expensive for a one-track ‘album’, dontcha think?

Too little too late? Unless they get their ass in gear, hell yes.