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No iTMS for Denmark

Looks like I won’t be putting down money on iTMS from today anyway. Plenty of new European outlet’s, just not in Scandinavia. Fuck. And color me amazed, they did put out a color iPod Photo. I wouldn’t have put my money on that happening, that’s for sure. Especially since they only just updated to 4G. The photo function is pretty cool I suppose, but the coolest thing about the iPod Photo, is definitely that it shows you the album cover of the currently playing track! With me being the anal sucker I am, all the albums in our 80 something GB music collection have had their covers painstackingly added, and I would just love to have this feature.

But with my 3G iPod being merely 9 months old, I doubt I’ll be fronting the money for a new model any time soon…

Update: A stream of the event has been posted.