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K2 Beta Two

We won’t be able to deliver to you a 1.0 before the new year, as I had promised. But that’s okay, because I’m pretty proud of this Beta Two to be quite honest. It has seen some significant strides lately, and by and large I consider it a very stable product.

For Beta Two, there’s a new button in the options panel, which lets you quickly and easily set the options of Arnaud’s Extended Live Archives, try it out. Also, you’ll notice the inclusion of several Fam Fam Fam Silk Icons, which I personally love.

Chris went into some of the javascript files and bled them down to the bare essentials, and I finally got around to putting the ShowUtils and HideUtils functions into their own file (k2/js/k2functions.js). You may have noticed those two functions showing up in pingbacks and trackbacks all over the place; well that was my fault, and I’m really sorry. I hope Matt and the guys do something about it in Kubrick for 2.1.

There’s lots of other stuff as well, most of which you probably won’t notice, but trust us, it’s better.

If your favorite bug remains unfixed, head on over to the bug tracker and submit or resubmit a bug report, and you can be sure we’ll check it out. As usual, many tips and tricks can be found in the support forums, where you can also share your customizations and check out other people struttin’ their stuff. For a little taster, check out “Tauquil’s offering”:http://tauquil.com/.

So from Chris and I, a happy new year.

Download K2 Beta Two (for WordPress 2.0)

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