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K2 Beta Two r157

Fixing the broken AJAX (file-name mismatch) and a batch of other bugs from the bug tracker, r157 is now available from the usual place.

And on a related note, Dave has updated his FlickrRSS plugin to v3.0, which K2 of course supports.

And let me again chime in with a plea: If you encounter any bugs or if you’re planning on doing something with our code and there’s some way we can help you by making changes to the core, then please, let us know. The easiest way is to file a bug report, which you can be certain we look at, and then we’ll take it from there. I’ve already helped several people who’ve requested minor changes to the code, to make it easier for them to create their custom styles. And now is the time, before we get too close to the final release.

As usual, support questions, tips and tricks, general shenanigans and the talk of fairies go in the support forum.

Update: Fixed the missing authors on entries in r157.