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Kubrick v1.2.6 for WordPress 1.2

This is not a ‘major’ release. All changes were made in about an hour, so don’t expect anything major. This release fixes an Internet Explorer 5.5 problem, where the text would look a bit screwy. Also it is now up to date with a security problem in WordPress, which was fixed recently in release 1.2.1. If you are currently using a version of Kubrick, you should be sure to make the following changes:

In index.php on line 293, change $s to htmlentities($s).

Otherwise, these are the changes from 1.2.5 to 1.2.6. Please point all your support questions, should you have any, towards the Binary Bonsai flickr group. Thank you very much.

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 Fix: wp-layout.css – body – text-align: center;
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 Fix: wp-layout.css – #page – text-align: left;
  • Print layout fix: index.php – line 12 – added: media="screen"
  • Search security bug from WP121: index.php – line 293 – changed $s to htmlentities($s)
  • Search security bug from WP121: kubricksearchform.php – line 2 – changed $s to htmlentities($s)
  • Removed parameter from list_cates: An old leftover from my own site. I’ve got no idea how it made it this far :)
  • Removed max-width from CSS: The use of max-width on line 316 in wp-layout.css, was causing some people to be confused when they posted images larger than 450px, which is the width of the main column. To minimize confusion I have removed it.
  • Fixed URL problem: I previously got the site URL from bloginfo('url'), when what I should’ve done was echo get_settings('siteurl'). This will fix instances where your site has a different root than your WordPress installation.
  • Returning commentators: Made comment form in wp-comments.php remember returning commentators, removing unnecessary form clutter for them. Please be aware, that it currently relies on JavaScript, and does not check for support. If you need to include this in a current setup, then you can copy everything between the opening and closing form tags.