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Lament for Roleplaying

I’m not exactly sitting idly by staring out into space these days, even if this blog leaves just that particular impression.

Just this weekend was spent in a summerhouse with four good friends doing what any self-respecting 30-something group of men do when they’re away form their wives and girlfriends… Roleplaying. You heard me. That there thing with the polyhedra dice and the paper and the rulebooks and the slaying of foul things and the looting of the pockets of recently deceased foul things and the geekery.

And a momentous weekend it was, as it always is, when we find the time to get together and pummel things that go bump in the night into submission, even if the things that went bump and found themselves at the business end of a good pummeling in this case happened to be a group of players who had failed to prepare themselves for how exactly one were to deal with the children of Shub-Niggurath.

Oh Call of Cthulhu, thou art a harsh mistress.

But momentous also simply because the mere logistics of getting five 30-something guys with accompanying commitments to free up a weekend for something as frivolous as roleplaying is in itself enough to call for a SAN roll. And to add insult to sanity loss, this is probably the last time in a decade or more that we’ll be able to pull such a stunt, as babies enter the scene and old friends leave for greener pastures (Brazil being the pastures).

I’ve always found roleplaying to be such a great way to get together, to share stories, to stretch the imagination and feed that little Brian Blessed living inside all of us, and of course, let’s not forget, to bash some skulls of evil things lurking in the darkness and to steal their treasure and harvest their precious XP. Books, film, computer games, none of them come close to the payoff of a great RPG session, and none of them leave you with the same legendary war stories.

But, c’est la vie. I supposed there’s a chance that once we’re all 50-something guys, and the kids’ve left for college, we’ll do it again.

As it were, I highly recommend the first act of John Wick’s Curse of the Yellow Sign trilogy: Digging for a Dead God, which I ran from a cold-reading on saturday. A perfectly grisly way to put back into hibernation this wonderful hobby after a good long revival run.

I’ll miss you old friend; till next time.

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