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I’ve added a few more items to the list of trimmings I’ve made around here. All things, so far, that I have wanted to do for a long long time. Somehow I found that over the last few days I’ve been able to work extremely focused on this site, and I’m afraid that by doing so I have neglected a few other things, such as content. But you’ve gotta build the boat before you load it with people, right? At least, that’s the way it works in Civilization 3.

So for you people waiting for the Kubrick theme, fear not, since that design and this, are basically the same, all this code clean up will be good for you too.

Here is a list of the things that I have yet to do. One of Rikke’s friends is staying with us until Sunday, and I’ll have a good deal of time until then to work on this, the list of things yet to be done.

  • Archives: Archives have been vastly improved, but still needs a little work.
  • Gallery: Just like the photo gallery, the other gallery needs to work better. I want to try and integrate it into WP and use it as a CMS, but I don’t know if that’s possible…
  • Categories: The categories are a mess. Too many, too diverse, too imprecise.

If there’s something that’s been annoying you, or something you would like to see more of, now’s the time to chime in.