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Lifehacker Does Xbox Media Center

I’m a huge proponent of Xbox Media Center. That is, an old Xbox, chipped, with XBMC installed on it, to make it the ultimate SD media center ever in the world of the history of everything (you can make it go HD, but it requires changing the CPU and getting special cables). I literally had my Xbox chipped the day I got it (DMCA? I don’t think so.), some 5-6 years ago, and I’ve been loving it ever since.

Best of all, it will play anything. Any non-DRM’d format you throw at it; plays it. Is your film rar’d and zip’d and split into 100 files, packed in an ISO and in VOB files?... Guess what? Yep, plays it.

Lifehacker has a rundown of what XBMC has to offer.

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