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Live Archives in Effect

Impotent in the workings of Javascript, PHP and SQL as I am, I rely entirely on coaxing others to do my work for me. Such is also the case with the newly implemented Live Archives, brought into creation by Jonas Rabbe from my plans, drawn up almost 6 months ago. Remarkable, as Jonas is only 4 days into WordPress!

Oh, you want them too? Run along over to Jonas for your fix then.

My Implementation

Here follows the code I’m currently using with Super Archives (I prefer the name Live Archives though). It is obviously costumized for my needs, so I’m sure there is some redundancy in there.

And the CSS:

PS: I have upgraded to WordPress 1.5.1 nightly (may 7th), as 1.5 had some plugin option panel problems. Let me know if something seems broken.

Also, the menu is now using the same code as the K2 menu, which is much better than the poor excuse for a hack I was using before. And yes, I know it doesn’t work properly in IE.