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Look Ma', I'm on Wired!

Not that I thought I had a chance, what with all the real fanatics out there (ahem), but I submitted a childhood photo of me posing behind my precious Star Wars figures to the Wired ‘Fandom Fever’ group on Flickr, as part of their Star Wars anniversary line-up (which is mostly older stuff unfortunately).

Anyway, thanks to some slim pickings, there I am, on Wired.com.

A Childhood Defined

This actually makes me quite happy in a nostalgic kind of way, simply because of the period in my childhood that this particular photo encompasses. My biological father and my mother were still together at this point in time. A few years later they split up, and visits to my paternal grandmother, which I enjoyed, became fewer and fewer. She died a few years ago, the house was sold and the Star Wars figures have been relegated to plastic bags in a cardboard box somewhere up in northern Jutland with my mom.

Thankfully I still have great relationships with all fractions of my family, and despite some poor choices on George Lucas’ behalf over the last decade or so, I also still hold Star Wars in high regard (should it come as a surprise).

PS: Yes, the Wired version of this photo has been color-corrected to appear more ‘real’. A shame, though I can understand why they’d do that. But to me, the brown hues that come with old photos like it, are part of the mise en scĂ©ne of such a photo.