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Mass Effect. Great, Not Perfect.

Too the day off today to play Mass Effect. I’m 6 hours in (game time, not actual play time, which is more) and ridding a planet of an infestation, and I can now conclude with some certainty that any reviewer who has given Mass Effect a score of 100 obviously hasn’t played the same game as me (but don’t get me started on reviewers… really).

It is great. Really. Fantastic even! But when you’re stuck fighting a boss and you have no way of healing yourself or your team mates, it gets a liiiiittle frustrating after the first two hours or so…

And I’m not trying to be a wet blanket here, but even if I wasn’t stuck playing and replaying the same pockets of combat over and over, it still isn’t a 100. The near total lack of a tutorial, the slightly glitchy cover system, the popping of lights and LOD objects.

Or even just the fact that one of the first missions you get will send you driving for half an hour or so, only to have you arrive at a facility that is way beyond your current skills, if you go there directly.

100? No. Fantastic? Yes. But not 100.

But I’m stuck, and I’m crying.

I’m going for pizza.

PS: Had it quit on me twice due to ‘unreadable disc’, despite it being in pristine condition. Thanks Microsoft for producing HDD-less Xbox 360’s, forcing Mass Effect to always run the DVD drive at peak capacity.