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Matrix Overload

I can say with some confidence that I won’t be writing my Matrix Revolutions review any time soon (that is within the next few weeks). First of all I have definetly suffered a Matrix-overload lately and I need a damn break (Yes, it’s so hard to be unemployed isn’t it? Thank you for your sympathy). Secondly all the little bits and pieces are constantly making their way to the surface and while I’m doing my best to assimilate all of them, trying to encapsulate all the ground that the franchise manages to cover is too big a task for me just now. Besides I have no interest in becoming the ‘defender of the faith’, especially when ‘certain people’ decide that I am fighting their fight.

I suggest that you go over to Kottke’s Matrix Revolutions thread and make your way through it. Even if you don’t like franchise it’s a really good read, and I think it’ll give most people an insight into what it is that we, the fans, are seeing. (Best of all it’s mostly made up of articulate people with interesting opinions instead of the standard forum package of ‘teenagers gone bad’).

Not that that will alter you opinion, and that’s just the same. I have read several people’s testimony of having hated Reloaded when they left the cinemas, only to slowly come around until they ended up loving it and I can only hope that the same will happen to you.

Personally I’m just looking forward to reading the comicbooks and other future franchise tie-ins.

Ah the simple pleasures of the nerd…

Anyway, I’m currently working on a small project that I’m very happy to be involved with. It should be done in a few days, I’m looking forward to showing it to you all.

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