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Me, My Gym and Nike+

Because I’m a far lazy slob, and it’s high time I get my ass in gearYes, you’re right, we should totally rekindle the Zero2Hero movement. I just need to…, I paid my first visit in years to the fitness center yesterdayIt’s Palmfitness near Skt. Petri in Copenhagen.. Wait; wait, don’t go. This is really a tech-related post, just wait for it.

So I brought my iPhone, because that thing goes with me everywhere; and because despite the deafening music played by a live DJ (because that’s how the trendy people like to train, donchaknow), I was kind of hoping I could listen to some of my own music, or maybe even an audiobook.

I notice on the step-abdomenizer-leg-conjagulator-train-master-machine a wire with a plug that looks pretty much exactly like a dock-connector. “Hmm”, I think to myself, “that looks exactly like a dock-connector. I wonder…”, and plug in my iPhone. And sure enough, the touch screen turns into an interface through which I can choose my music or even play video.

That in itself is awesome (and the reason I need you to tell me what video podcasts you follow), but the coolest part is that it actually saves the workout data as a Nike+ dataset onto the iPhone. Go home, sync it and you’ve got your workout data right there alongside your usual Nike+ data (should you have any).

Aside from the fact that it’s a shame something like this has to happen on proprietary technology, it’s still very awesome and if nothing else extra incentive to get couch potato web-dev losers like myself down to the local gym.