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Merry THXmas

THX 1138

Blessings of the state. Blessings of the masses.

THX 1138 is certainly not the most accessible film of all time, but for my money it remains not only timeless, but both engrossing and devastating. It’s as uncompromising in its portrayal of a fundamentally alien society as it is in ignoring and avoiding traditional narrative structures and science fiction tropes.

What’s more, the soundscape of the film remains to this day perfection. A full character in its own right, and as distant, unfamiliar and unsettling as the images, Walter Murch’s magic touch puts THX in a sparsely populated category of films. Those that are truly unique.

The DVD version of the film comes with a sound effects-only track, which almost makes the film even better. And as it happens, I found a copy of that track, with some of the voices restored, cut into album form by Wiel. I’ll save you the hassle of horrible download sites and let you grab it off of here (200mb) instead (with proper tagging and everything).

And as an added bonus, there’s a similarly themed album for Blade Runner, called ‘November 2019‘ (165mb) (via), which uses sound effects mostly from the game (sourced from the movie) to create ambient sound scapes from the various locations of Blade Runner.

‘Tis the season after all.