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Metallica. Jutlandish Soil.


We’ve got our feet planted firmly and decisively in Jutlandish ground (the part of Denmark that is often mistaken for the northern-most German garrison, but which is in fact mostly farmland and incidentally our respective birthplaces), for a week of vacation.

Yesterday’s Metallica concert was wicked! Armed with A-tickets—which basically translated into us being able to choose exactly where we wanted to stand—we were about 50 meters from the stage, just behind a safety barrier (so that even Rikke, who doesn’t quite tower the crowd, could see unimpaired), roughly center stage.

Not bad. In fact, not bad at all. No; it was good.

I’ll spare you the review, and just say that despite the PA-outage 10 minutes into the two-hour-plus concert—which of course rules the headlines; suck—it was magnificient. And what an awe-inspiring sight, when we turned around and had over 50.000 people flooding into the horizon.

Afterwards, an 8km trek into town, since the busses were quite incapable of handling the pressure.

Not good. In fact, not good at all. No… Well, you know.

Luckily nothing nearly as dramatic as Jarre’s Aero concert back in 2002 (short entry on that here), except for the horrible churning sensation of disappointment in my gut, when the gates gave way and spilled the 50.000 people into the streets towards Ã…rhus centre, and I slowly realized that the forward divisions had ceased up all greasy-food-outlets, and I would have to hit the sack without getting my post-metal-concert greasebomb chowdown.


But, we can now both strike one more band from the ‘must see before we get too old, have kids, a car and stop caring about music, life and the universe in general’-list (yeah yeah, you have kids and you still like music, I know; I know!). Actually, it’s been a good few years, with Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and now Metallica (alright, also Seal; so sue me!) notched in our metaphorical ‘belts’.

Now, we’re at Rikke’s mom’s.

I’ve packed some comics (DMZ #2, 100 Bullets #1, Fables #1 and Y: The Last Man #1. Iincidentally, all Vertigo), some science fiction and a bunch of movies. All of which should hopefully weight up against the lack of high-speed internet, wifi and our home in general.

Now, if only the weather would look up, I could put my camera to some proper use as well and get some sunburn on that purdy lil’ head of mine.

PS: Yes, I’ve got both horribly blurred low-resolution mobile photos and videos, but without no wifi, I can’t get my trusty ol’ Powerbook online. And without ol’ Freya on teh intarwebs; no joy.