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Michael Bay on the Original Transformers

Unlike the, ehm… ‘feinsmeckers’ of the film world, I have the unbridled capacity to wear both my ‘oh jolly, that was one fine piece of well-crafted cinema, won’t you say?’ as well as my ‘Fuck yeah bro! AWSOME! ROCK ON!’ hats. Entirely interchangeable. Yes. Unpossible? No. It can be done. In fact, you might say that it is my superpower… That, and a slightly heighten sense of foreboding.

Anyway, it is because of this little known factoid, that I can happily relish in the otherwise repugnant crap that is the artistic output of Michael Bay… Well some of it anyway, I can’t say that even I have been able to find much enjoyment in The Island, Bad Boys II or Pearl Harbor… But nonetheless!

And, as it were, the second trailer for Transformers looked, as we say at the ‘kegger’: “FUCKING WICKED DUUUDE!”...

Finally, I find comfort in these words, from the Bayster himself:

“I’ve heard so many people say, ‘Michael Bay, you’ve destroyed my childhood,’ “ says the man himself from the cathedra of his Santa Monica, California, editing bay. Appropriately, Bay is wearing a black Decepticons T-shirt. He’s aware of his image and, to some extent, relishes it. “I knew there were fans,” he sighs, shaking his shaggy blond power-mane. “I didn’t know there were people who’d hunt you down. I urge them to watch the 1986 animated movie, go watch the cartoon. You’ll want to shoot yourself.” #