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There’s a couple of interesting tidbits of movie stuff going on these days, that I thought I would relate to you.

First of all, one of the most overlooked animated features of all time, The Iron Giant, is finally getting a proper speciel edition (the real kind, not the ‘oh look, animated menus’-special edition). This is how the cover looks, and you can read a bit more over at The Digital Bits (Though I am unable to point you straight to it, because that site is using archaic code and has no permalinks of any kind… So scroll down a bit).

If you haven’t seen The Iron Giant, you’re missing out! It beats the snot out of Disney any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Of even more interest, at least to me :), is that the Ultimate Matrix Box Set is making its way towards us. Though it still doesn’t have a scheduled release date, HMV is carrying a list of features that it might have. Could be the real deal, could not be…

  • The Matrix – With All-New Transfer & Audio Commentary
  • The Matrix Revisited – Original Version With Behind-The-Scenes Footage
  • Matrix Reloaded Extended Version – New Cut With 55 Minutes Of New Footage Inserted Back Into The Film
  • Matrix Reloaded Revisited – All New Interviews, Scene Dissections And More!
  • Matrix Revolutions – Original Cut With Audio Commentaries
  • Matrix Revolutions Revisited – A Host Of All-New Extras
  • The Animatrix
  • The Roots Of The Matrix – 3 Hours Of Features
  • The Burley Man Chronicles – The People Behind The Matrix Discuss Their Work
  • The Zion Archive – A Tour Of Matrix Design Concepts, Storyboards & Drawings
  • Also Contains 20-Page Soft Cover Matrix Booklet

Lots of fan-fucking-tastic stuff in there it would seem. Of particular note, of course the 55 minutes extended version of Reloaded! Supposedly, this footage comes out of the Enter the Matrix game. This is good news, seeing as how I never played the game, and don’t intend to. And because of how games grow old, and movies – at least mostly – don’t, this will preserve the whole story for the future.

Now if only they would release art books for the other two movies, seeing as how the first book was absolutely stunning.

Then there’s some talk that the new Batman will have a teaser attached to I, Robot in some places. Which leads me to talk shortly about what I think about I, Robot – without having seen it… It will suck. Bigtime!

Also, Halle Berry won’t be doing X3 it seems. She’s won an oscar and doesn’t want to do small parts… Ehm… Yeah.

And then of course there’s the Star Wars DVD set artwork. I don’t like it. In fact, I hate the photo-composites that they’ve chosen for the fronts. They did the same with the prequal DVD’s, and they’ve got absolutely no inspiration, adventure or Star Warsiness going on in them. (Not to mention the sabers, which looks like crap! in the photo composites). But hey, at least the discs themselves have the old poster artwork.

And finally, I went to see Hellboy last week. It sucked. I’m a huuuge fan of the comic, and I was sorely disappointed by the movie. Which is strange, since Mike Mignola (who does the comic) and Guilermo Del Toro, who directed the movie, worked closely together with each other… As far as I’m concerned, that’s an opportunity missed…

Saw Dawn of the Dead, the remake, yesterday. It was pretty cool, I liked it a lot. But it was a remake, and that makes it ultimatly unappealing, in that it failed to bring anything new to the table…