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On That New Kubrick DVD Set

It’s looking more and more as if Warner Brothers have finally gotten their act together. First they switched from those horrible cardboard DVD covers, well after every other studio in the world. Then they finally got their ass in gear and put together the new Blade Runner set; and even if it does look awesome, it was something which should have been done years ago. It was probably held back by some moneygrubbin’ fucktard if I’m not mistaken; which I probably am.

Anyway, now, they’re putting out a new Kubrick DVD box set! Oh mercy!

Fittingly for the master, controversy is of course already stirring. Not only did the last box set contain Dr. Strangelove—a Universal film—but issues are already being raised with both the formats presented and the covers they are presented in. Strangely, the 2001 font is correct on the box, but not on the cover itself.

It is too bad really, that all the studios couldn’t band together for one mega-package of Kubrick goodness.

And while the extras look like they will be most welcome; Kubrick being after all, not an easy man to get near. But it would nonetheless have been nice if Warners had gone and done something akin to the Matrix set, where they had critics and philosophers weigh in, both for and against the films. Something which would have been considerably more interesting with Kubricks body of work than the Matrix.

Coincidentally, this release coincides with a renewed interest on my part in Kubrick’s work. I have over the last few weeks sought hither and dither for anything and everything in the realm of video, audio and written word by and about Kubrick and his films.

A fuzzy image of sorts, can be loosely constructed from all these pieces, sure. Yet Kubrick himself remains veiled and distanced, which, really, is likely to be a good thing altogether. He retains his beloved privacy, and I retain this one idol, whose work continually grows more and more influential in the deep dark places of my brain.

Perhaps those movies are really better off without too many bells and whistles, eh?

It’s a new HD transfer

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