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One of the new features I talked about in Freya Dissection, was that of ‘noteworthy’ entries, or ‘favorites’. As you may recall, I sent out a call for someone to help me take an idea from concept to plugin. Jamie stepped up and offered his services free of charge, and earlier today I installed the latest version of the plugin, which works pretty much as I had hoped.

So if I can just draw your attention to the Halo 2 entry that preceeds this entry. Notice the heart? That’s an icon denoting that said entry is tagged as noteworthy. What this allows me to do, is to create a small list of noteworthy entries within a certain category. So if you go to the Games category archive, you’ll find a small list on the sidebar…

Of course, there’s more that can be done with it, but for now this’ll do. For those interested, these are the admin tools I have on my side of the blog.

Admin Tools

Meanwhile, I have also added a few new categories, namely Book Reviews, Game Reviews, Movie Reviews and finally Narrative. I think the three former categories are self-explanatory, which leaves the Narrative category.

The concept of the Narrative category, is to have a place where I can store nostalgic anecdotes and recollections from my ‘youth’. These are the entries that I generally enjoy the most, so I suppose it is about time they receive their own space.

Of course, new categories and the noteworthy function, require a lot of work in the archives, bringing everything up to snuff, though judging from the hundred some entries I have covered so far, it’s about time!

It’s my hope that by marking and properly categorizing the archives, in combination with some of the usability changes that’re coming soon, you’ll be more inclined to exploring the blog archives more.

PS: I’ll let Jamie decide when and where he wants to release the plugin and tag the information onto this entry when he does.


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