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NY07 Final Preparations

New York is by far the most distant destination Rikke and I have travelled to on our own, so it is of course not without some trepidation that we make the final preparations. It’s hard enough to figure out what books will have the honor of becoming bound to our New York memories; but even worse is, what about clothes?

Copenhagen is cold these days. Really cold. But it seems the big apple is still cruising along at rather comfortable temperatures:

Picture 1

I sure hope that’s the case, otherwise the first thing we’re going to be doing is buying some new overcoats.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank all of you who took the time to recommend restaurants and sights in and around New York; my map is teeming with stuff we’re going to check out, and I’ll be sure to review as much of it as possible when I get back.

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