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NY07 Google Maps

If I was in the fortunate position of having an iPhone or any similarly Google Maps capable device, I would swoon over the applicability of Google Maps when traveling in the US.

Sure, we have similar Danish services, and Google Maps itself even covers us fairly well. But compared to New York, and similar major US cities, backwater countries like Denmark are severely underrepresented in the more interesting features. Fair enough, I’m not expecting the streetview feature to hit Copenhagen any time soon, but man, would I like the route finder! Update: So the route finder works exactly the same in Denmark, contrary to my belief. Ehm. Yeah.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should do so. Try grabbing the blue line anywhere and dragging it somewhere else.

Makes me want to get a drivers license and go on a roadtrip in the US, just so I can use Google Maps.

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