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NY07 Lesson #01: Book Hotel, Then Flight

Alright, so as I wrote last night, we’ve already booked our flight. We’ll be in NY between the 21st and 31st of October.

As it turns out, that was perhaps a bit premature. Throughout October, a lot—by which I mean most—B&B’s and hotels have friday through sunday booked, making it a hassle finding a place to stay.

Luckily the plane ticket is unrefundable and unchangable in any way, shape or form… Lucky for the airline carrier that is… How that is legal, I can’t quite figure out.

Not that I don’t think we’ll find a place to stay, after all, there are some nice hotels in New York. I mean, wow. Just beautiful.

Nothing we can afford of course, because while we’re well off, everything considered, we’re not that well off! You see, New York is expensive to stay in. Holy. Crap. And it’s not that we’re cheap, but $300 plus taxes (about 13% or so?) times 10 nights adds up, fast.

And having gone through hundreds of reviews, you dread being one of those poor bastards that ended up in a room the size of a stamp, with cockroaches on the floor, grime on the walls, a small window facing a wall and Mr. and Mrs. Fornication on either side of the cardboard walls. Especially if you’re reserving it for the full 10 days and paying up front.

I sure wouldn’t want to plan a trip like this without the internet. Because while many of these hotel sites kind of stink—you could make a killing if you built a great system for hotels—it’s better than having to rely on brochures and travel agents.

So in closing: Book hotel first, then book flight, and plan 3-4 months ahead, because 1.5 months ain’t enough.

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