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Of Mice and Men (and the Settings of Such)

So the lackluster resolution and constant skips and jumps from misreading the wood grain of my tabletop as well as the locking up of the scroll-ball every other month finally got to me, and I’ve relegated my Mighty Mouse to a drawer.

I don’t mind paying top-dollar for hardware, but I expect that investment to pay off in the long run. So when I went through this exact same phase a while back, I threw down for a wireless Logitech MX Revolution.

Now I should also say that I could never see eye-to-eye with OS X’s default mouse acceleration curve, and when five years ago I bought my first Mac, it was one of the first things I had to change. Luckily there is a remedy for this hardcoded brainfart, namely Steermouse.

And the problem with the MX Revolution, other than some minor bugs (the wheel sometimes resets itself, under intense processor duress, the signal will jitter a lot), was that I simply couldn’t find an acceleration setting I was comfortable with. So I went back to using the Mighty Mouse for a while.

But not any more.

Now, granted, the choice of acceleration curves is about as different from person to person as the choice of mate, but nonetheless, I finally ended up with some settings that remove the distance from my hand to the screen. Aaaah. What a difference a curve makes.

So if you’re using Steermouse as well, maybe this will come in handy for you. If not, then at least I’m sure future me will thank me for saving this for him:

Steermouse Settings

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