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Oh No. Del Toro for The Hobbit

In a major step forward on “The Hobbit,” Guillermo del Toro has signed on to direct the New Line-MGM tentpole and its sequel. #

Some might call it a ‘step forward’, others, me, might call it a catastrophic choice of biblical proportions.

I know; I’m a testy little fanboy, alright? But I’m the overbearing kind; the kind that doesn’t mind the elves coming to Helm’s Deep, or even such ‘minor’ book-to-film discrepancies as Frodo’s age.

But Guillermo Del Toro directing The Hobbit? I can’t think of anyone I’d want less to do that. As I’ve said before.

Now Jackson is going to be there and he’s working with Weta, but considering how absolute shit Hellboy II looks, I have very little confidence in him.


Oh no, I just realized… Ron Perlman is going to be in it. He’s probably going to play Bilbo.

Dammit. I’ve lost.

This had better not be Return of the Jedi/Prequel trilogy all over again…

I hope he proves me wrong.


And if I could just editorialize for a quick second: Guillermo del Toro has never made a bad movie. And don’t say Mimic because that’s a really underrated horror flick. #