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Orange Girl

I’ve posted this 6 month old thing commissioned by the IC-CAVE at Abertay University for the cover of a report about the game industry. I was initially under the impression that I had to do it very fast, but it later turned out that I didn’t… ah, the wonders of communication :)

Orange Girl

The image here on the right is a scan of the actual report. It says “Games are like fruit. Japanese Best Practice in Digital Game Development” and at the bottom “Report of a Departmen of Trade and Industry International Technology Service Mission”... Whatever the hell that means :). And finally “Jim Terkeurst, April 2002”.

You can have a closer look in the gallery.

I’ve also upgraded the desert texture a little by doing a spec, spec color and bump map for it, as well as revise the diffuse map. You’ll find it in the gallery along with the old unchanged map as well. Hopefully this’ll be used for a project I’ve got planned for this year, but we’ll see what happens about that, first I’ve got to get my university assignments out of the way.

Also, for the weird thing of the day, check out this optical illusion. I don’t understand… My mind is melting in fact.