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Other People

So I was running late this morning and I was afraid I would miss breakfast at work. So I swung by a bakery on my way to pick up an OJ and a buttered bun (well, they’re called ‘rundstykker’ in Denmark, but nevermind). As the guy is splitting the bun, he twitches; I’m thinking he’s cut himself or something, but he continues with buttering up my bun (...) and I think nothing of it.

Then, after I’ve paid and I’m on my way out, I notice that he is holding a napkin in his hand, covering a cut… Doesn’t look bloody, but am I willing to chance it? Do I really want to eat piece of bread that has been in someone else’s cut hand?

No, not so much.

So I reluctantly toss it on my way to work and grumble over wasted money and his lack of manners.

Other people; I swear.