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NY07: Planning the Trip

Alright, so there’s been a change of plans. After having exhausted the transportation options, and found them lacking/cumbersome/expensive, we decided to ditch the Maine leg of our US ’07 tour, making it in essence ‘New York ‘07’.

And we’ve already got our tickets booked (and payed for, irk!), the very finest cattle-class too!

So now all we need is a good place to stay and all the advice on where to go and what to see that you can throw at us. The old entry had loads of really great stuff, and it’s all going into our itinerary.

Rikke was recommended the Riverside Tower Hotel as being cheap and good, so we’re looking into that, but keeping our options open for a few days before we settle on anything. So if you’ve got any recommendations, now’s the time to let loose.

Also, geek places! Comic book stores and the like; where are they?! I intend to spend a sizable amount of cash-o in your country, so you best fess up!

I’m currently pseduo-seriously considering buying an iPhone and unlocking it when I get back, but I don’t even know if it’s possible… But the geek-cred, oh the geek-cred!

PS: How does the tax-system work in NY? When looking up hotel rooms, is the tax included in the price, or do I need to add it separately?

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