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Plz I Can Haz Kindle?

Facing the worst nightmare for any man—a worm under the skin, according to H.R. Giger; figuring out what reading material to bring along for our trip home over Easter according to me—is all the more reason to creave a Kindle. It is of course still not available outside the US, and given the adoption rate of the non-rythmic parts of the iTunes Store in the EU, it’s unlikely to see the light of day until just before the Event Horizon eats us all up. And then what’s the point really? Well, I guess it’s better late than never.

Anyway, I can’t help but wonder if the seemingly rather well adopted Kindle is a sign that we in ten years time or so will have dispensed with bookshelves in the home? We’ve got somewhere in the area of 500 books, and while we’re unlikely to throw them away in the same way we’ve done with all of our CD’s and most of our DVD’s as digital solutions have become available, I’ll certainly be first in line for when I can pick up Invincible, Powers and The Walking Dead issues on my ebook reader rather than having to wait for the tradeI pick up trades because I hate the messiness (and ads!) of issues. But on a digital reader, issues wouldn’t be a problem at all.. Being able to bring along, or at least have wireless access to, our entire library when on vacation would really be quite a revolution.

Though, whether or not Rikke will go for it, her being a librarian and all, is another question. And fair enough, despite positive reviews from most corners, there is something to be said for bringing a book to the beach rather than a $350 techno tablet with a ‘Steal Me Plz’ baloon hovering over it. Sure, it’s somewhat remedied with the Kindle reader for the iPhone, which I bring everywhere anyway, but still.

I don’t want to choose one or two books, even though I’ll only get ten or so pages read anyway; I want it all and I want it now.

Thanks Freddy.