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Dear Marketing Guys: Please make up your mind, is it a white futuristic font, or a black serif font? Compare and Contrast:

Poseidon Poster

Poseidon Score

Personally I’m all for the white font, but that’s because it looks like the one Cameron used on the Sulaco in Aliens, and I get all nostalgic about the thought of the Sulaco crashing into the sea and the wonderful never-gonna-be sequel that might have been…

Sulaco Model Details

Sulaco in Aliens

Update: I knew I had seen the Sulaco with white type instead of black somewhere. It took me a little while to dig up a photo of it (I could’ve just captured a still from the DVD, but I couldn’t be bothered, ironically). It’s from Alien 3, the mother of all inconsistency sequels.

The Sulaco from Alien 3

Sulaco in Alien 3

Black in Aliens, white in Alien 3. I personally like white better.