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Post-summer, post-Aero

Whew! Sorry for the long wait. I’m now back in Dundee, Scotland waiting for school to start again. I’ve now moved in with 4 other people in a kickass apartment the size of Europe (though it’s in the usual Scottish “Hey, they’re students, they can live in a hole in the ground if need be”-condition). The last 3 aren’t arriving until tomorrow though, but I predict a good year ahead.

A few days before I left Denmark, I went to the concert with Jarre in Gammel Vraa Enge. It was amazing! I don’t really have any pictures that give an impression of the entire thing, which is too bad, because everything was alive for those 2 hours on a watery and muddy field in the middle of nowhere. (And DAMN was it hard to get out of there!!). I’m trying to get my hands on more pictures from the concert from places other than where I was (20 meters from the stage baby!!), when I have enough cool pictures I’ll post a gallery and concert report should anyone be interested. As a short taster of it, I can reveal that the concert was amazing, a couple of new tracks, a fantastic collaboration with Danish Safri Duo and an overall amazing show.

Aero Concert

As for work, there’s not a lot going on at the moment. I’m doing some sketches whenever I can kick myself hard enough to actually sit down and do it. No doubt I should’ve spent more time drawing over the summer, I’m very much out of shape. But I’ve made it a goal to increase my drawing skills dramatically this year, so we’ll see how that goes :).

As for projects starting up or already going, I’m still working on Cloud City for Jedi Knight 2, haven’t gotten any work done for a month now, but I’m hoping to start again this week (I’d show you a shot, but I don’t have any compiles of it done yet).

Also I think I’ll rework two of the movies I did last semester and throw those up here, if for nothing else, then so people interested in Computer Arts at Abertay University can see what kinda stuff we’re doing over here. Also I’ve started doing a human body in lowpoly that I’ll try and see if I can bone and animate this semester to get a head start on the classes. I need to get a book on the subject though, as I doubt I’ll be able to figure it out by myself. I wonder if that Paul Steed book is any good…

As a “sorry for the lack of updates” gift I’ve uploaded the 1024×1024 desert dried riverbed texture I did for a small project at Inverse Cinematics, you can get it in the Gallery if you’re so inclined.

Dried Riverbed Texture