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Poundin' on K2

Were it up to me, K2 would’ve been out of my hands a long time ago. And of course, in a sense it is (or were) up to me; but I just haven’t had the time / motivation to get it done.

Until now.

Yes, that’s right, I’m finally getting there! So much so, that I would like to ask you to go over to the K2 test installation and just test the shit out of it. There’s not a lot to it honestly; it’s mostly a matter of getting as many eyes on it as possible.

What you should care about (in no particular order):

  • Design / layout / whitespace / colors / usability.
  • Different Browsers and OS’s
  • Odd / stupid behaviour

What you shouldn’t care about:

  • Code Clarity.
  • Code ‘Smartness’.
  • Validation.

I’m primarily interested in doing something about the first batch now, and then we’ll deal with the rest when I release an alpha for people to test. Hopefully this will be very soon.

PS: Please leave your comments here, and not on the K2 website. That way it’s easier for me to keep track of suggestions.