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Precursor to the Star Destroyer?

I came across this cover (here), for Science Fiction Monthly, volume 1, issue 2, released in February 1974. The art is by one of my favorites, Chris Foss, a science fiction artist mostly known for his outlandish and colorful spaceships. He was one of the artists Ridley Scott brought over from the scuttled Dune project, to Alien. And you might recognize his style from the game Homeworld, to which he was a major inspiration (as thanked in the credits).

Science Fiction Monthly, v1 i2 (1974)

Does it remind you of anything? Such as…

Star Destroyer

Is it just me, or does that thing, published first in 1974, scream inspiration for the Star Destroyers?

I’m not near my Star Wars tomes, so I can’t give you full details on their creation (but I’ll come back and update, when I can). Meanwhile, Chris Foss did a very similar piece, released in 1990 (source):

Triangular Spaceship (1990)

Science Fiction Monthly, Volume 1 Overview