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Prepping Kubrick 1.3.0

I know that there are a few minor remaining issues with Kubrick (like this), and it is my intention to roll those changes into the final v1.3.0. I try to keep up with the forums, but I’m bound to miss something once in a while, so here’s my plea to you:

If you come across a flaky piece of code, or if you have suggestions that would fit into the scheme of things; let me know, and it’ll go into my todo pile. Furthermore, just so you know, the 1.3.0 will be based off of Ryan’s excellent work and include a good deal of code strains from Freya. Now you know :)

Here’s a question for you, Kubrick users: Should I have the sidebar appear on all pages, or keep it the way it is now?

PS: Shout out to Jens, who helped me with some SQL magic yesterday. You’re so the money!