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Region 2 of Temple of Doom is Crippled

I just watched Temple of Doom, and I could have sworn that the movie was more graphic when I saw it as a kid/teen. Well, guess what:

The film was released on VHS several times in the 1980s and 90s and then on DVD in October 2003. It was packaged with the previous and later films in the series; however, the Region 2 version of the film was heavily censored. The BBFC says that this was because they did not get Spielberg’s permission to restore the edited footage, which includes more violence and gore. Noticeably, the main scene that was cut for the UK release was a close up of the removal of an unfortunate victims heart at the ceremony which was too graphic for a PG rating. The music tends to jump in-between scenes that were trimmed. Also Mola Ram’s line “Soon, Kali Ma will rule the world…” has been cut during the scene where Indy is forced to drink the blood of Kali. #

Now guess which edition I have… ARGH! FOILED AGAIN! The same damn thing happened with the Lord of the Rings extras material.

Living in the shadow of the BBFC sucks big time… Yet more encouragement for piracy.