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Rendezvous Paris

Rikke and I are off to Paris in a short while. Thank you so much for all your advice on where to go and what to see (and thank you Google Earth for letting us explore Paris well before we even get there).

Our stay there will be rather short, so we’ve decided not make any appointments while we’re there. But, I doubt this will be our last stay in Paris.

We’ve got wireless at the hotel, so depending on how late we get in and how tired we are, maybe I’ll drop some shots from my new camera on flickr.

Yes, new camera. The old trusty Canon Ixus 500 has been left in the drawer, and my brand-spanking-new Sony A100 is joining us in its place. I was planning on buying a Canon EOS 400D, but then the guy in the shop managed to convince me otherwise (the Sony comes with a better stock lense as well as anti-shake for the same price).

So far I’m very impressed, and lovin’ it. It takes some damn nice shots even when its quite dark.

Anyhoo, must be off, take care now.