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Salivant Words: A Journalist's Admiration

I like nice words, and I couldn’t help reprinting this sentence:

Perhaps no journalist is so admired by his peers, in part because he has actually pulled off the life we imagined our profession would afford. Dashing off 1,000 ‘pater le bourgeois words before a two-bottle lunch, blagging through war-zone checkpoints, starry parties, whisky-fuelled late-night geo-politics and crackling media feuds. Yet as most of hackdom has knuckled down to colourless, desk-bound sobriety, there is Hitchens, still larging it, a 3-D cartoon of what we might all have been, given his ego and intellect, his brass neck and neoprene liver. #

And of course this snippet:

But Hitchens is never far below boiling point. He is an evangelical secularist, an atheist warlord.


I would love to just quote the entire thing verbatim, as it is a great piece of writing. At least if you happen to be an evangelical secularist. If on the other hand you find yourself on the side that believes in the great-eye-in-the-sky… not so much.