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Sarah Connor & Rambo Trailers

Alright, just got back from a wedding back in Jutland to find the trailer for Rambo IV and The Sarah Conner Chronicles online. And wow, I’ve got to admit, Rambo sort of caught me off guard there! That thing is _blooo-oody!_Could be good, unless they spent all their money shot on the trailer. Personally, I think it’ll be quite entertaining, and that’s about it.

As for The Sarah Conner Chronicles… What was that about? Now a) I’m biased to not liking it and b) It’s a trailer for a TV show, which isn’t the easiest thing to do. But not only did the story look altogether meh, the casting just looks to be downright horrid. Let me see, Sarah Connor looks like a housewife, John Connor is a pretty-boy with no edge (picture him cruising hazardously through traffic on an off-roader with GnR blasting from the ghettoblaster… No? Didn’t think so) and the Terminator? Could he look more bland?

And not bland in the ‘Lance Henriksen blending into crowds and looking fucked up creepy’ kinda way, just ‘who is that again?’-bland.


All things considered, I do think a TV show could be fashioned around the Terminator franchise; there’s a lot of cool stuff that could be done, especially in todays TV market. But this just looks like a dud to me.

And seriously, stop trying to gain the favor of fans by reiterating lines from the first two movies. Cameron got away with it, but Mostow’s sorry attempt to sidestep it in a humorous way (“She’ll be back” and “I’m back”) was neigh catastrophic, and so I predict will this be.

But then, I’m getting old and grumpy.

PS: The Transformers trailer looks… pretty good :) — I rest easy in not having to hate on Michael Bay, and simply sit down, shut up and enjoy some big explosions; and the Transformers trailer promises that much.