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Segregation and iPod

Well, as promised when I launched Freya, I have finally gotten down to segregating comments from ping- and trackbacks. Something I might add, that I believe WordPress should do by default. The Livesearch Entry is a good example of how a list of pings will look like. Either way, I’ll probably post some code soon for those of you interested in something like that. I’m about to send off the latest version of the Latest Comments plugin that Brian wrote, after doing some 1.3 compatibilitization (so a word!) to it, and once Brian gets the time, he’ll put it up on his site for everyone to download.

In other news, I sent in my iPod for repairs today. I’ve also got the box for my Powerbook down at the office, just need to backup the harddrive and it’ll go in too. I hope the wait won’t be too long.

Either way, I think I have most of the things I need to run the world without it, but in case I disappear from the surface of the Earth; well now you know who to lynch.