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Semantics 101

Now I don’t personally use the visual editor in WordPress. I like me some Textile and control. But it is in there, and I think non-tech users are better off overall because of it.

And now with WordPress 2.1, you can even switch between WYSIWYG and code views. Great!

Yeah, well it is great, but what in the hell is going on with those buttons?!

WordPress in Safari

First of all, I’ve scraped everything I don’t use off of the edit page, so that’s why it’s so ‘light’. But that’s not what you’re supposed to pay attention to. No, rather you should have a look at the two form buttons to the upper left of the content text area.

Form buttons. As ‘tabs’? Oh no you didn’t! It looks like someone does all their designing in Firefox, seeing as how they are styled to not look like buttons when viewed through the right looking glass.

WordPress 2.1 Admin

Now, WordPress normally styles its buttons in a horrible manner. That’s one thing, I can deal with that. But I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to use buttons as tabs to change between WYSIWYG and code view rather than two styled links.

If code is poetry, I don’t know what that is. Someone at Automattic needs a slap on the wrists, a few hours with Mr. Zeldman and access to Safari :)

Now, as Joen so rightly pointed out, the code view was one of the things we advocated strongly while we were doing Shuttle. In fact, this is how we had thought it could look.

Shuttle Write/Edit Page Mockup

Luckily, I don’t really care, since I never use the visual editor anyway. But come on.