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So it’s that time of year where the deluge is about to hit, and I’m afraid it calls for some serious choices to be made. Not only about which games score high enough on Meta Critic to get to adorn the shelves and which on the same bill are left behind, out in the cold; but for those of us who run dual systems—that is, both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, nevermind the Wii—it also means figuring out which system to get said games for.

For me, this is the first time this has actually posed a problem as such. There simply haven’t been any games on the PS3 I’ve wanted to buy… Whatever has seemed mildly interesting—like Uncharted, which is recommendable—I’ve borrowed from friends.

But now, between Dead SpaceI’m not too impressed with what I’ve seen to be honest, but it’s the vanguard of the deluge, so I have to get it just to get warmed up. Besides, it’s gotten pretty good reviews so far., Mirror’s EdgeI swear, the major design influence on this game has got to be Darude’s Sandstorm music video. Tell me I’m wrong., Fallout 3, Far Cry 2Well, I’m holding out for the reviews; I wasn’t too impressed with the first Far Cry really, and I have a history with Crytek, but it looks like it might be good. and of course later this year plenty other cross-platform titles, I now get to choose which of the two consoles I want these games for.

And despite the fact that the 360 outnumberes the PS3 some 7-to-1 or so, in my circle of friends, and despite the fact that I’ve bought only 360 games so far, this time around I’m going to go with PS3 for the majority of the games.

It’s the noise.

It ruins all mood, chases my girlfriend out of the room and causes my stress-levels to rise far above healthy levels.

I can’t even play GuitarHero without thinking how nice it would be if the music wasn’t being drowned out by this damned thing.

I may be getting old, or I may have enough respect for our neighbors to not drown out the incessant fan and drive noises by cranking the volume, but I find myself using the 360 less and less, simply because I don’t want it dominating our living space.

And meanwhile, next to it, the PS3 is silent like the tomb.

So I’m getting my games for the PS3 this time around; and I guess I’ll just have to live with the fact that I actually like the 360 controller much more than the DualShock (or Sixaxis or whatever the hell they call that sized-for-Japanese-hands ‘thing’).

There’s Gears of War 2 of course, which is only coming out on 360, but other than that, the only title I won’t be getting for the PS3 is Left4Dead. Because after all, that is primarily a multiplayer game, and I want the Xbox Live network for that. Oh, and it’s not available on the PS3…

Hm. Maybe I should just buy it off of Steam?

Choices, choices.